Natural Benefits from Jeju Island

Here at innisfree, we’re always working on your glow. Our secret sauce? Combining nature and science into powerful formulas that do the most for your skin. If you’re looking for skincare that fits your vibe, values, (and your wallet), you’ve come to the right place.


Our Founder :

Like any good origin story, ours has a hint of nostalgia. It started back in the 70s, when our founder Sunghwan Suh watched his mom transform camellia oil into next-level, homemade skincare. Years later, inspired by her skills, he traveled to Jeju Island and laid the foundations for innisfree.

Why Jeju Island? Aside from being a literal paradise, its mineral-rich water, volcanic soil, and pleasant temps—combined with giving just the right amount of rain—made for one of the world’s best green tea harvests. This became the heart and soul of our nature-powered skincare.

Skipping ahead to today, our Green Tea skincare is hailed as one of the greatest of all time, especially our ever-evolving Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Serum
that’s reached cult-fav status. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve tapped into over 15 island-sourced ingredients—from Bija to Cherry Blossom—to bring you easy, effective formulas for all your skin goals. 

Green Tea Harvesting:

Unlike the green tea you sip, innisfree’s Beauty Green Tea wasn’t picked for
being tasty. That’s because the kind of green tea you drink is different from
what we use in skincare. Our green tea was picked for its game-changing benefits, like the ability to seriously hydrate and boost your moisture barrier. Finding “the one” was no small feat. We studied over 3,301 varieties until we landed on a green tea that’s packed with 16 amino acids for major hydration and tough enough to thrive in the harshest conditions. The result? A green tea harvest that shows up strong every season, so we can show up for your skin.

Green Tea Authority/Expertise:

We’re not just pros at growing our beauty green tea, we’ve also perfected its journey from plant to skincare with extraction methods that preserve as many nutrients and benefits as possible. Here's our process: First, we handpick organic leaves, then we steam and press them. Next, we stabilize and purify the extract to make sure it's safe for your skin. Then, the real magic happens—our exclusive double-squeezing technique pumps amino acid levels way up to amplify hydration.

The result? Our iconic Beauty Green Tea that’s made by nature, boosted by science, and loaded with hydrating benefits for your best skin.