Korean Highlighters 

Korean Highlighter

Korean Highlighter Palette


Korean highlighters are a must in every makeup bag! With innisfree’s highlighter palette, you can achieve that dewy, lit from within look with ease. A little touch of perfectly placed highlighter can do wonders, adding light to your face and drawing attention to your favorite features. It enhances the skin to give it some extra glow, chiseling the cheekbones and  highlighting the brows.


Highlighters can come in a variety of forms like a highlighter stick, highlighter palette with blush or contour powder, or even a cream highlighter formula. When applying Korean highlighter products, there are a few key areas you should pay attention to in order to make your features POP! Use in the inner corner of your eye, bridge of your nose, under the brow bone, diagonal along the cheekbone, on the apple of the cheek, very center of your eyelid, and your cupid’s box. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to apply highlighter to your face to get that highly sought-after glow! Check out our coveted Korean highlighters and


Innisfree My Palette My Highlighter (Cream Highlighter)


This super creamy highlighter is formulated with translucent micro-pearls that not only reflect every single light around you, but also bring back the healthy glow to your face so it looks brighter and younger. You’ll love this cream highlighter because it blends effortlessly with your foundation and other cream makeup for a beautiful glow! Blend with a stipple brush or pat on with your fingers wherever you want some extra glow.


My Palette My Highlighter Powder


Get a flawless finish with innisfree’s My Palette My Highlighter in a powder finish. This powder Korean highlighter gives off a radiant inner glow! Translucent micro-pearls brighten the face for selfie-ready perfection at a moment’s notice. Choose from our bright shade or our light shade to complement your skin tone.


My Duo Blusher Highlighter


Our My Duo Blusher Highlighter is a perfect duo and perfect for brightening up the cheeks and offering an inner glow! Use the blush shade on the apples of the cheek and layer the highlighter on top to achieve a custom look. Or, wear them on their own! The My Duo Blusher Highlighter is perfect for defining the features of your choice!


My Duo Bronzer Highlighter


Love a sculpted makeup look? With innisfree’s My Duo Bronzer Highlighter, you can contour and sculpt your face with the deeper shade and highlight areas you want to draw attention to. This portable duo is perfect for throwing in your makeup bag for an on-the-go glow! Use this highlighter palette to define the features you want and achieve your custom look!


Shine Bright with innisfree’s Korean highlighters


If you want to shine bright like a diamond, try one of our Korean highlighters or highlighter palettes! As a must-have in any makeup bag, Korean highlighters will give you that lit from within glow. Our highlighter palettes offer buildable coverage, so you can get a subtle or intense glow - it’s up to you! What our customers love the most about our Korean highlighters is their creamy texture and long wearing power for a fresh-faced look! Shop our Korean highlighters and highlighter palettes above.