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Korean Eyeshadow

Creating a daytime or smokey eye makeup look with our matte, shimmer and glitter Korean eyeshadows is easy! Whether you are looking for a subtle shimmer or a matte look, our Korean eyeshadows are formulated to sweep across your lids beautifully for the perfect makeup look. You’ll love the color payoff from our Korean eyeshadows and their long lasting effects. 

Pop in our Korean eyeshadows to any magnetized My Palette and coordinate with other Korean makeup products like blush, eyeshadow, contour, and highlighter to get your custom look! When you want to switch it up, simply swap out, pop in and mix it up! Take a look at our popular Korean eyeshadow products and eyeshadow tools to enhance your look!

Prep Eyelids with the My Palette My Eyeshadow Eye Primer

Hate when your eyeshadow fades throughout the day? Innisfree’s My Palette My Eyeshadow Eye Primer preps eyes for shadow by helping to prevent creasing for a more color-true and lasting eye make-up look. Use a base whenever eyeshadow is worn to cancel out veins and underlying pigmentation and to extend the wear of your Korean eyeshadow. It’s also great for preventing your eyeshadow from creasing!

My Palette My Eyeshadow Shimmer

Whether you want to add a hint of shimmer at the lash line or layer shine all over the lid, this luxe powder shadow will give you the magical, ethereal look you’re going after every time. 

Innisfree has a variety of pearlescent shadows to choose from to create your own customized makeup look. Use the medium to darker shades like Peachy Golden Brown and Golden Bronze in your crease, while our darkest shades look great smudged across the lash line and in the outer corner of the eye. Lighter shimmery shades like Pink Pearl and Ivory Pearl can be swept across the entire lid of used in the corner of the eye for a pop!

My Palette My Eyeshadow Matte

You can naturally enhance the look of your eyes with our matte eyeshadows. Our incredibly creamy formula slides on smoothly and blends beautifully. You’ll find natural colors like Soft Rose Beige, Peach Sand, and Light Desert Sand, as well as a few pops of color like PInk Coral. Our custom velvety powder shade enhances any eye color. You’ll create picture perfect eyes - everytime!

My Palette My Eyeshadow Glitter

Create a dazzling eye look with our custom glitter eyeshadows. If you like a pop of glitter and some sparkle, this eyeshadow is for you! This is a great eyeshadow to blend with our matte and shimmer shadows as well. From Glimmering Gold to Bronze Brilliance, we have a lot of glittery shades to choose from! You’ll love the great color payoff and even application of these Korean eyeshadows - no chunks here! Our glitter Korean eyeshadows are perfect for creating dramatic, smokey nighttime makeup looks or using as a small pop of sparkles on the middle of the lid for daytime looks. 

Eyeshadow Brushes to Create your Custom Eye Look

Having the right eyeshadow brushes is essential to creating your custom eyeshadow look! Innisfree has a variety of eyeshadow brushes to choose from whether you want to define, contour, or blend out your eyeshadow. Sweep on your base color with our Eyeshadow Base Brush and then use our contouring Eyeshadow Brush to carve out your crease. To throw on a pop of color in the center of your lid, pick up our defining Eyeshadow Brush, which is perfect for precisely delivering color. Creating your customized eye makeup look is easy with Korean eyeshadow and eyeshadow tools from innisfree.

Create a Customized Eye Makeup Look with Korean Eyeshadow from innisfree

Sweep on our Korean eyeshadows to create a natural or bold makeup look! With three creamy formulas to choose from in shimmer, matte, and glitter, you can mix and match to create your customized makeup look. Our Korean eyeshadows can be used to add depth and dimension to your eyes, complement your eye color, and draw attention to your eyes! Check out our Korean eyeshadows above to create your customized eye makeup look.