Korean Longwear Gel & Liquid Eyeliners 

Korean Eyeliner

Eyeliner is an essential part of any makeup bag. Whether you are looking to give your eyes definition or completely change the shape of your eyes, eyeliner can be your go-to makeup tool! 


There are many different ways and techniques to wear eyeliner. From natural, fresh looks to bold and dramatic, Korean eyeliner can create stunning changes to the face. Try a thick winged liner for a more dramatic look or a simple, natural line for a There are plenty of different kinds of Korean eyeliners, too, from gel eyeliner to pencil eyeliner and liquid eyeliner, which will provide you with different looks and results. 


Korean eyeliners from innisfree are formulated to glide on seamlessly and stay on all day to complete your eye makeup look. Check out our Korean gel eyeliner and tools to put together your beautiful makeup look!


Gel Eyeliner from Innisfree


Looking for an easy-glide gel eyeliner with rich color payoff? Our Gel Liner offers a smooth application and long lasting wear to give you the results you desire. These creamy, no-tug pencil eyeliner glides on effortlessly and sets for lasting wear. From carmely browns to the blackest black, this pencil eyeliner is available in three different shades, so you can complete your makeup look!


Precise Gel Eyeliner Application


Want to create a smooth, precise line with your favorite gel eyeliner? Use our Gel Eyeliner Brush for an easy, straight line! This Gel Eyeliner Brush does all of the work -- simply follow the natural shape of your eye. 


Dual Pencil Sharpener for Pencil Eyeliner


Pencil eyeliners are oil-based, waxy and sticky eyeliners and offer many benefits as they are easy to use, portable, long-lasting, and have a wide range of color selections.


As the most common type of eyeliner, it’s important to have a pencil sharpener to keep your pencil eyeliner sharp. Keeping your pencil eyeliner sharp will yield the best makeup results. 


What’s great about our Dual Pencil Sharpener is that it works on both thick and thin pencil eyeliners. It also comes with a cleaning tool, so you can keep your eyeliner tools in tip top shape!


Shop Korean Eyeliners from Innisfree


Let’s face it: the right eyeliner can make or break your makeup look. Whether you are going for a timeless, classic look, something bold, or something natural, the right eyeliner will help you achieve that look with ease. Choose from pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, or gel eyeliner to get the makeup look you desire! Our gel eyeliner formula is smooth, creamy, and offers long-lasting wear. Believe us - our gel eyeliner stays put for hours on end. Using a gel eyeliner brush can produce bold lines and an added “wow” factor to your appearance.


Shop innisfree’s Korean eyeliner above to find your new go-to eyeliner!