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Contouring Brush

Contouring Brush

Contour & Bronzer

Korean Contour Makeup


Achieve the sculpted look of your dreams with our Korean contour makeup! Contouring gives definition and shape to an area of the face using shading and highlighting. Our contour and bronzers are perfect for sculpting cheekbones, slimming the nose, and shaping the jawline.


Korean contour emphasize framing the face so that your face looks slimmer. Instead of focusing on a fierce, smoky look, Korean contouring gives a soft-focus and youthful look. You can use our contour palette to define your nose, contour your hairline, sculpt your cheekbones and more. Remember, contouring will minimize the look of any areas you want to draw less attention to. Check out our Korean contour makeup and tools to get a youthful, fresh appearance!


Contour Palette


With our custom powder contour, you can have a fresh, yet sculpted look. Our My Palette contouring kit is available in five shades, so you can find the right contour color for your skin. To pick out the right shade, we recommend choosing something that is about two shades darker than your skin tone. This will help make the color pop on your cheekbones!


What our customers love most about our Korean contour makeup is that the formula is buildable. This way, you can customize it whether you are creating a day or night look. The My Palette my contouring product gives off a sheer, matte-finish powder and is ideal for all skin types.


Korean Contour Makeup


Layering your highlight on top of your bronzer is easy with our My Duo Highlighter Contouring kit. This duo comes in two shades to complement your skin tone. Swipe the highlighter above the bronzer for luminous definition. Our customers love using our contour palette to blend shades together to achieve a custom look. Use the highlighter to draw attention to your favorite features!


For a sun-kissed glow, try our My Duo Bronzer. This pressed powder bronzer and contour shade is perfect for tan to dark skin and gives off a luminous glow. Swipe it on and you will look like you spent all day at the beach!



Contouring Brushes & Tools


Achieving the look you desire is easy with our contouring brushes. Our mini contouring brush was designed by make-up artists to deliver the perfect amount of powder to your cheeks. This brush has a smooth wood handle and soft bristles to pick up the right amount of product for the perfect look.


To sculpt out areas like your nose and the crease of your eyes, use our eyeshadow brushes. This contouring brush helps you create visual dimension around your eyes and sculpt out the sides of your nose for a slimmer look. Simply apply Korean contour makeup with a natural, blending motion where desired.


Shop Korean Contour Makeup from innisfree


If you are looking for a great bronzer or highlighter to create a dimensional makeup look, you’ve come to the right place! Innisfree has designed creamy and buildable Korean contour makeup to accentuate your look. Our contour makeup can be applied to the sides of your nose, hollows of your cheeks, jawline and forehead, while the coordinating highlighters can give you a beautiful, luminous glow. Find the contour palette from innisfree above that suits your skin tone.