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Best Seller Sets

Our best-selling Korean skincare sets include essentials that target your skin care concerns from dull and uneven skin to acne and texture. Or, surprise a loved one with one of our Korean skin care gift sets like our Lip Balm Trio or Perfumed Hand Cream set! Shop our best-selling Korean skin care sets to see why our customers are raving about our products!


Korean Skincare Set


Innisfree has developed a number of Korean skin care sets that target your skin care concerns while being natural and gentle. Use our Korean skincare sets daily for the best results. Some of our most popular Korean skin care sets are:


Hydration Korean Skincare Set: A set of daily hydration essentials that restore the moisture in your skin while protecting it from environmental stressors. Our hydration set is formulated with Jeju Island green tea, a rich and nourishing antioxidant that helps skin retain moisture and replenishes hydration.


Youth Glow Korean Skin Care Set: If you are concerned with your skin’s loss of firmness and elasticity and dullness, this Korean skincare kit is for you. Get an overall glow with our Youth Glow Set that visibly firms skin and provides a radiant, youthful look. This set contains a brightening sleeping mask, intensive hydrating serum, and youth-enriched cream.


Clarifying Korean Skin Care Set: Formulated for troubled skin, our Clarifying Korean Skin Care Set features cica toner with bija seed oil to improve the look of uneven skin texture.


Key Korean Skin Care Kit Ingredients


Our Korean skincare sets use natural ingredients that are found on Jeju Island, Korea. We own and operate green tea fields on Jeju Island, a volcanic oasis where we source our skin-loving natural ingredients. Some of our natural ingredients used in our Korean skin care kits include:

Jeju green tea extract to replenish hydration Orchid elixir to visibly firm and protect from environmental stressors Tangerine peel extract to brighten and even out the complexion Bija fruit takes 20 years to grow and is known for its ability to help soothe troubled skin



Not only are we passionate about the ingredients we utilize in our Korean skin care sets, but seek to preserve and protect the environment around us. We love Jeju Island and take steps to produce eco-conscious Korean skincare sets that target the greatest skincare concerns, while protecting the environment.


Korean Skin Care Gift Set


Perfect for the holidays or a special person in your life, our best-selling sets make the perfect gift! Along with our Korean skin care gift sets, we have a number of best-selling sets, like our Perfumed Hand Cream Sets, which can be thrown into any purse and are perfect for on the go, and our travel skin care set, which is perfect for the jetsetter in your life.


You’ll find that our Korean skin care gift sets are perfect for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions!


Why Choose innisfree for Korean Skin Care Sets


Thanks to the unique ecosystem of Jeju Island in Korea, the volcanic oasis provides the perfect environment for skin-loving ingredients to grow and flourish. From our Green Tea Korean skin care set to the orchid elixir and bija fruit, we have found a way to extra Korea’s best natural ingredients in an eco-conscious way. You’ll love how our skin-loving ingredients transform your complexion whether it’s dull, uneven, or dry! Address your biggest skin care concerns with innisfree’s Korean skincare kits.