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Body Lotion & Oil

Keep skin soft and supple with innisfree’s Korean body lotion & moisturizing body oil. Innisfree’s Korean body lotion utilizes naturally derived ingredients from Jeju Island to transform dry and dull skin. Our body butters, body lotion, and body oil will keep your skin healthy and moisturized. As always, our Korean Body Lotion is formulated without harsh ingredients like synthetic colors, mineral oil, parabens, and animal products, so it. You’ll love the way our Korean Body Lotion and moisturizing body oils absorb quickly into the skin, providing intense nourishment.


Keep your skin healthy, moisturized and soft all day with innisfree’s hydrating body lotions, creams, gels, and oils.


Green Tea Body Lotion & Soothing Gel


Looking for soft and hydrated skin? The secret is in innisfree’s Hydrating Body Lotion with green tea. Our rich lotion delivers deep hydration from Jeju green tea extract. This Green Tea Body Lotion is perfect for anyone that wants an everyday moisturizer that soaks in quickly and delivers rich hydration.


Innisfree’s Green Tea Body Lotion is made with freshly squeezed and extracted Jeju Green Tea. We proudly own and operate our USDA organic-certified green tea fields on Jeju Island and are committed to our eco-friendly practices. This proprietary extraction brings Jeju green tea’s unique hydrating properties from the brand’s farm to your skin. You can enjoy the hydrating benefits of our Green Tea Body Lotion while knowing our brand is serious and committed to our eco-conscious initiatives.


Shop Korean Body Lotion & Moisturizing Body Oil with Camellia Oil


Another popular ingredient found in our moisturizing body oil and Korean body lotion is camellia oil. Found on the shores of Jeju Island, camellia flowers can thrive throughout the harshest winters. When used in our Korean body lotion and moisturizing body oil, camellia plant petals deliver a healthy dose of hydration to soothe rough patches. Some of our Korean body lotion and moisturizing body oils with camellia include our Enriching Body Lotion, Enriching Body Oil, Enriching Body Cream, and Enriching Body Oil Cream. We recommend our Enriching line to anyone that needs very intense hydration from their body lotion products.


Why Choose Korean Body Lotion & Moisturizing Body Oil from innisfree


If you are looking for Korean body lotions and oils that not only deliver deep hydration, but is formulated by a brand that is committed to eco-conscious initiatives, try Korean body products from innisfree. Innisfree promotes healthy beauty through naturally derived ingredients while staying true to their commitments to preserve and protect nature’s vitality through eco-conscious initiatives. We are passionate about providing healthy beauty with our natural body lotions and moisturizing oils.


Soothe Dry Skin with innisfree Body Lotion


With innisfree’s Korean body lotion and moisturizing body oil, you can soothe dry and parched skin without using harsh chemicals. Our moisturizing body lotions and oils small amazing and absorb quickly, providing you with a nourishing surge of hydration and leaves skin soft, smooth and glowing. Not only do our Korean body lotions and moisturizing body oils work to soothe dry skin, they smell amazing and provide a spa-like experience at home. Trust us, you’ll love the way innisfree’s Korean body lotion smells and feels on your skin!