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Body & Hair Best Sellers

At innisfree, we utilize natural ingredients responsibly sourced from Korea’s pristine Jeju island. Our best-selling Korean hair and body products include hydrating and softening ingredients like camellia, green tea, and canola honey. Whether you want to help strengthen your hair, soften dry hair, treat damaged hair, or keep skin hydrated, innisfree’s Korean hair care and body products will help.


For years, innisfree has been the #1 beauty brand in Korea. Now available in the United States, everyone cannot wait to get their hands on our best-selling Korean hair care and body products. Shop our body and hair best sellers for everyone’s favorite innisfree products.


innisfree’s Best Selling Korean Hair Care Products


Our Korean hair care products replenish your hair’s moisture for soft and shiny hair. You’ll find that innisfree’s best-selling Korean hair care is formulated with intense nourishment for damaged hair, but made without synthetic colors, silicone, mineral oil and animal products.


The secret in many of our Korean hair care products is camellia oil, which is naturally derived from Jeju Island. Camellia plant’s petals have lined the shores of Jeju island for centuries and act as a barrier to block coastal winds. The plant’s oil helps to nourish and hydrate damaged hair. The result is shiny, manageable, and enviable tresses you’ve always wished for. You’ll find Camellia Seed Oil in some of our best-selling Korean hair care products like our Essential Hair Mask, Essential Hair oil Serum, and Essential Shampoo.


Some of our other best-selling Korean hair care products include our My hair strengthening shampoo for weak hair and My hair moisturizing shampoo for dry hair. For damaged hair, try My hair moisturizing oil serum, My hair repairing conditioner, and My hair repairing oil serum, which is formulated to deliver deep hydration and nutrition to dry locks.


Best Selling Body Products from innisfree


Does your skin feel dry and brittle? Are you looking to nourish and strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier, but want a product without harsh ingredients? Innisfree’s Korean skin care products are formulated with Jeju Island’s nourishing Canola Honey. Canola flowers are found all over Jeju Island and in the spring, these beautiful fields give off a honey that’s rich in flavonoids and proteins. We use Canola Honey because of its intense nourishing capabilities. Our rich body and hand lotions make your hands feel beautifully soft and comforted with lotion.


Some of our best-selling Korean body lotions include our Hydrating Gel Hand Cream, which includes green tea and is touted for its rich antioxidants, and our Moisturizing hand cream, which deeply nourishes rough patches and cuticles. For intense hydration, try our Nourishing hand butter, which has Canola Honey and works to hydrate and soften the roughest of hands. You’ll lock in moisture and soothe dry skin with the best-selling body lotions from innisfree.


Shop Korean Hair Care and Body Products from innisfree


Korean’s top selling beauty and skincare brand has created a unique range of products that are derived from natural ingredients on Jeju Island. Combined with modern science, our formulas do not contain harsh ingredients and are created to target a variety of skin and hair concerns. Our skin and Korean hair care products are designed to moisturize dry and damaged skin and hair to reveal a healthy, youthful glow. Not only do innisfree’s hair and skin care products work, they provide a relaxing, spa-like experience in your own home.


With natural, moisturizing ingredients like Canola Honey, Olive, and Camellia, it’s easy to see why everyone is love innisfree Korean hair care and skin products. Shop Korean hair care and body products from innisfree above.