Natural benefits from Jeju island


Our skin care products are formulated with an average of 80% naturally-derived ingredients responsibly sourced from
the pure and protected island of Jeju. From its lush forests to its crystal sea, we search every corner to hand-pick the finest
ingredients nature has to offer. Discover the natural wonders behind our effective formulas:

Core of innisfree and Seed of Moisture

Green Tea

We own and operate Green Tea fields on Jeju Island that are USDA organic certified.
By squeezing the moisture out of the leaves through a proprietary extraction process instead of a classic infusion,
we are able to optimally capture the skin care benefits of the prized Jeju Green Tea leaves.

The result is an incredibly concentrated and highly effective green tea extract clinically proven to surpass the hydrating power of purified water, delivering fresh nutrients and amino acids to the skin while enhancing its protective barrier.

Protective Legacy from Ancestors


The camellia plant’s densely-packed petals have lined the shores of Jeju Island for centuries, acting as a protective barrier that blocks strong coastal winds. Able to thrive even through harsh winters, it yields an oil that helps to nourish and hydrate hair and skin.

We purchase our Camellia flowers through Fair Trade directly from the women of Dongbaek Village in Jeju Island who harvest them.

Clarity and Balance for Problem Skin

Bija Tree

Jeju Island’s Bija Forest is home to Korea’s legendary Torreya trees as old as 900 years. Also known as bija because of its resemblance to the Chinese character “bi,” the age-old tree bears an incredibly valuable fruit that takes at least 20 years to sprout.

This precious Bija fruit has been celebrated since ancient times for its medicinal benefits, including improving imperfections and balancing the skin.

A Relaxing Escape through Gotjawal Forest

The Story of Jeju’s Gotjawal Forest

In Jeju’s Gotjawal Forest, trees breathe out a self-protecting substance – called Phytoncide - that is also known to shield the skin.
We blended this ingredient into our Forest for Men skin care line to help reduce skin’s visible signs of stress and fatigue.


Ginger Honey Complex™, a precious combination of Ginger and Jeju Canola Honey, helps protect and nourish skin that’s been weakened by external stressors and dryness. Ginger Honey Complex™ is made with two star ingredients: ginger grown from fertile soil filled with condensed nutrients and Jeju Honey gathered from yellow waves of canola flowers that cover the island every spring.

The nourishing complex helps protect the skin by forming a moisture barrier, and provides intense hydration that lasts.

A Blossom of Moisturizing Nourishment

Canola Honey

The vibrant yellow petals of Canola flowers dot the landscape of Jeju Island.
In Spring, these beautiful fields yield a rare honey rich in flavonoids and proteins.

Canola Honey provides intense nourishment and helps enhance skin's natural radiance by attracting and
sealing in surrounding moisture.

A Blossom of Moisturizing Nourishment

Yeongjucho Mushroom

Legend has it that China's first emperor sent an envoy to pristine Jeju Island in search of an elixir of youth, as its iconic Hallah Mountain was said to be home to the gods. This is where the Jeju lingzhi mushroom – dubbed "Yeongjucho," meaning "the gods' elixir of youth" – gets its name. Our 9 Solutions Collection combines Yeongjucho with 8 other native plants that, together, help address common signs of aging.

A Blossom of Moisturizing Nourishment


The soybeans on Jeju Island are naturally rich in protective anti-oxidants. To magnify their natural anti-aging abilities, innisfree developed an intricate fermentation process that begins on Jeju Island’s iconic Mt. Halla. The fermentation process releases lactic acid – a form of AHA – as well as loads of nutrients and probiotics that are believed to be beneficial to the skin.

With its altitude of 2,000 feet and cold climate, Mt. Halla’s pure environment provides the perfect conditions for natural fermentation. Here, the harvested Jeju Soybeans are fermented for 300 days and then undergo a four-stage technique that brings forth a highly condensed concentrate packed with more antioxidants than just-plucked soybeans.

Youthful Vitality Discovered in the Pristine Waters of Jeju Island

Jeju Marine Seaweed

In Jeju Island's clean waters grows a brown seaweed rich in 40 kinds of vitamins and minerals, including youth-preserving
Vitamin A (Retinol). Jeju’s Haenyeo ─ female divers who collect shellfish 30 feet below the ocean’s surface all while holding their breath ─ eat brown seaweed soup to recover after their arduous work. Whales are also known to feed on it after giving birth because of its regenerative properties.

We intricately ferment this seaweed, heightening its ability to help enhance skin's look of resiliency.

Fresh-squeezed Radiance


Jeju Tangerines are carefully harvested in the clean environment of Jeju Island.
We unlock the peel’s powers by pressing the tangerines to release a fresh-squeezed peel water that retains a high amount of active ingredients, offering a brightening solution while giving a natural glow.

Youthful Vitality from Winter Blooms


As strong as it is beautiful, the Jeju Orchid rises through the snow to display its majestic purple petals during the frigid winter months. In order to be able to bloom in the intense cold, the rare flower has great antioxidant powers and vitality,
making it highly effective in anti-aging skin care.

Nature’s Exfoliator

The Story of Jeju Green Barley

A robust grain, Green Barley from Jeju Island is enriched with a high amount of fiber that removes dead skin cells for a softer, smoother complexion.

Our elaborate 3-phase fermentation process taps into all of Jeju Green Barley’s abilities to gently and effectively exfoliate skin.

Sparkling Surge of Minerals and Moisture

Sparkling Mineral Water

We source our Mineral Water at 1,750 feet below sea level from Jeju Island's Sanbang Mountain, one of the world’s most notable natural hot springs. At this extreme depth, the rare thermal water maintains a temperature of 88°F, allowing carbonation to dissolve without evaporating.

Rich in 3 types of carbonic acids and 13 types of minerals, the water’s bubbles help active ingredients more easily absorb,
delivering a burst of mineral-rich moisture and refreshing hydration.

Revitalizing Moisture from the Sea

Lava Seawater

After a period of volcanic eruptions on Jeju Island, layers of hardened lava formed a volcanic bedrock,
rich with minerals not often found on the earth’s surface like vanadium and germanium. The surrounding seawater filtered through these porous layers and absorbed the rare minerals, giving it the natural ability to heighten skin’s moisture levels and plump the complexion with increased hydration.

Nature’s Pore Care

green persimmon

For hundreds of years, Jeju Island’s fishermen have soaked their nets and clothing in the juice of unripe persimmons because it helped make them stronger and firmer. Just as it enhances the weave of the nets and garments, we discovered that Jeju Green Persimmon also helps smooth skin’s texture, improve the look of pores and balance oily skin for a clearer complexion.