Nourishing Body Balm with Camellia

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Intensely nourishing with a whipped, balmy texture to smooth and soothe dry flaky skin.  This indulgently rich body balm is infused with camellia oil, camellia butter and new camellia ceramide to help lock in moisture.

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A rich balm infused with nourishing Camelia to hydrate and lock in moistures while smoothing dry, flaky skin for silky- smooth skin

- Helps smooth dry skin
- Rich balm texture
- Infused with three different types of camellia extracts

[Camellia Oil]
Pressed from Camellia seeds; nourishing and offers antioxidant protection—high in oleic acid and linoleic acid

[Camellia Butter]
Processed from Camellia oil  changed into butter form with traditional buttering process, 3-stage filter purification
Prevents moisture evaporation of skin

[Camellia Ceramide]
Created from Camellia oil (using self-conversion technology)
Ceramide naturally exists in skin– the camellia ceramide is very similar to the ceramide we have in our skin

** Self-conversion technology: A technology that synthesizes different substances from one substance only by controlling temperature and time conditions—without using catalysts, chemicals or microorganisms.


The Story of Jeju Camellia Seed Oil
The Camellia plant’s petals have lined the shores of Jeju island for centuries, acting as a barrier to block coastal winds.
Able to thrive even through harsh winters, it yields an oil that helps to nourish and hydrate hair and skin. 

We purchase our Camellia flowers through Fair Trade directly from the women of Dongbaek Village in Jeju Island who harvest them.