Use a hankie,

save a tree!

Since 2010, we have been helping people swap their paper tissues for Eco-Hankies in stylish limited-edition designs. Whether you tie it to your tote, use it as a chic neck scarf, or pull your ponytail back with it, the innisfree Eco-Hankie is the perfect way to proclaim your commitment to the green movement.

Choose from 3 designs!

Buy one plant one tree

Through our partnership with

innisfree will plant 1 tree in California's Klamath National Forest for every Play Green Collection product purchased.

Play Green Everywhere:

In April, we shared our commitment to sustainability through the #IGiveASheet campaign—and our dedication continues even after Earth Month has ended. Our global Play Green initiative is a movement to teach that living a green life can be fun and feel like second nature.
In forests, oceans and cities, small actions to save the Earth can make a big difference.

To help us spread the message, we’ve teamed up with Hip-Hop artist and K-Pop idol, Jay Park.

Join us on our green journey!

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