Korean Targeted Treatments & Concerns

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Korean Targeted Treatments & Concerns

Targeted Facial Treatments for Common Skin Concerns


An important part to any Korean beauty skincare regimen is the use of targeted facial treatments. What’s so special about Korean beauty treatments is that the Korean skincare routine isn’t focused on using more products, but rather the right products that do the right things. That’s where innisfree’s facial treatments and spot treatments come in. There Korean beauty treatments are specifically designed to target your skin concerns like puffy and tired eyes, enlarged pores, and aging skin. Take a look at our Korean beauty treatments to find effective targeted treatments for your skin concerns.


Korean Beauty Treatments for Aging Skin


Think you can’t fight the early signs of aging? Think again. Innisfree has a number of skin treatments designed to address the signs of aging for a youthful glow. The Time Science Spot Treatment is a wrinkle fighting spot treatment that visibly smoothes, strengthens and moisturizes the skin. The secret is in the spot treatment’s powerful ingredients: Jeju seaweed and bio sea plant science combine to effectively target crows feet, forehead wrinkles and more. Another great option for those who are dealing with sagging skin is our Firming Energy Neck Cream. Formulated with fermented soybean, this Korean facial treatment is specifically designed for the skin on your neck. It helps address the visible signs of aging while providing your skin with a healthy dose of moisture.


Spot Treatments for Eyes


The skin under your eyes is extremely delicate and therefore requires special treatment. Depending on your skin concerns, we have a number of spot treatments for eyes that can help brighten your under eye area; Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream: This Korean facial treatment is ideal for targeting dryness around the eyes. Jeju green tea extract provides the under eye area with intensive hydration. Moisture-volumizing Eye Serum: This hydrating eye serum is perfect for aging eyes as it fights under eye bags and wrinkles. Youth-Enriched Eye Cream: This eye cream deeply nourishes the under eye area and combats early signs of aging, providing a youthful bright-eyed glow. Intensive Hydrating Eye Roll-On: For a spa-like experience, try this eye serum that delivers intensive moisture with a cooling roll-on massage-tip applicator. 9 Solutions Eye Cream: Rich balm-type eye cream that nourishes the delicate eye area and addresses the common signs of aging. Brightening & Pore Caring Eye Cream: This skin treatment designed specifically for the under eye area helps brighten the targeted area while improving the look of tone and texture.


Pore Clearing Korean Facial Treatment


Stubborn enlarged pores magically shrink with our pore clearing skin care treatments. Try our Pore Clearing 3-step Program, a complete 3-step system that targets dirt and oil with volcanic clusters. Simply moisten your nose and place the nose strip with dry hands. Peel off the strip to reveal the blackheads that have been suctioned out of your pores. You won’t believe how effective this Korean facial treatment is!


Special Care Korean Beauty Treatments


Give special attention to your hands, feet, or lips with our special care Korean beauty treatments. Our Lip Sleeping Masks are perfect for parched, dry lips. This deeply nourishing lip mask works to hydrate your lips while you sleep. Choose from two favorites include our Lip Sleeping Mask with Green Tea or Lip Sleeping Mask with Canola Oil. Nourish your hands and feet with our Special Care Masks for hands or feet. These soothing masks are designed to hydrate and comfort your tired limbs.


Shop Korean Targeted Facial Treatments and Beauty Treatments


Specialized Korean beauty treatments are key to get the skin you desire. Check out our Korean beauty treatments and targeted facial treatments to address your skin concerns.