Innisfree’s green life


We are passionate about preserving the purity of Jeju Island and are also committed to replicating our sustainability and
philanthropic efforts there around the globe, making a meaningful impact everywhere innisfree is present.
As an expression of our heartfelt appreciation of nature and our customers, we uphold these green promises:

  • 1. Environment-friendly campaigns

    We pledge to care for the Earth and its well-being by promoting everyday green living and through eco initiatives like recycling programs and conservation efforts.

  • 2. A focus on responsibly sourced, naturally-derived ingredients

    We vow that our skin care products are formulated with an average of 80% naturally-derived ingredients (with the exception of make-up) and are safely formulated without harmful chemicals and preservatives.

  • 3. Giving back

    We commit to financially supporting causes that give back to the Earth and the community.